Our use of fragrances

Hi all, today I wanted to write briefly about the fragrances we use and why in the hope that it will be either useful or interesting to you as you make your selection from our ranges. 

Our extra gentle range contains no fragrance of an kind, nor any mineral oxide colourants which I discussed last time. This range has the fewest ingredients possible to decrease the chance of any reaction from sensitive skins. The variation in colour and fragrance of these soaps is simply from the additives, all chosen for their skin benefits. 

For example, our Coffee Cleansing Bar- smells like coffee and looks like coffee but that's because it is coffee, no added colorant's or fragrance. The added coffee grounds produce the latte colour and lovely, deodorising fragrance all on their own. 

Our Super Fresh range however, does include fragrance and I thought it might be worth outlining our approach here. First of all, there is nothing inherently bad about added fragrance, particularly in rinse off products. As with anything, there is always a possibility that it will cause a reaction and if that is the case for you I would direct you to our Extra Gentle range. 

In an attempt to create a beautiful fragranced line with the least likelihood of causing a reaction for sensitive types, we have sourced a range of 'allergen free' fragrances. These are blended without any of the most common allergens so may still be suitable even if some fragranced products haven't been right for you in the past. If you want help navigating this, drop me a line at hello@dorset-corner.co.uk and Ill help you any way I can. We have significant volumes of data sheets and allergy declarations for each item so if you know what you need to avoid, let me do the leg work for you. 

It might be logical to wonder why we don't fragrance our soaps with essential oils, after all, they are natural. Essential oils are wonderful ingredients but even though they are natural, they are one of the most common contact allergens and so don't make a great option for sensitive skins. There is a big 'natural' vs 'chemical' debate in the skincare realm which is interesting to me since even naturally derived products are still chemicals, there isn't any validity to the term. Science, scientists, chemists and labs have, for some, got a negative connotation but I don't buy that. All I am interested in is formulating a product which is effective, safe and poses the least likelihood of any reaction, even for sensitive skins. Our products contain ingredients derived from natural sources and those formulated in a lab and every single one is signed off by a chemist to ensure they are suitable for use before they get to market. 

I really hope this was useful to some of you and look forward to hearing from anyone struggling with fragrance tolerance issues. I really hope we can offer you something that you love!


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