Ingredients Run Down

I thought it might be interesting to run through what is and isn't in our bars to help you make your choice- particularly if you have sensitive or troublesome skin. 

Whilst there isn't a huge benefit in listing what isn't in our soaps (I'd rather talk about what IS in them and why), there are a couple of ingredients we don't use which I think are work mentioning. 

First off, we don't use palm oil or its derivatives in our products because of the hugely negative impact this mono culture has on our planets key eco systems. This ingredient is almost ubiquitous and used across thousands of everyday products because it is cheap. Inexpensive it may be but the environmental cost is high and you wont find it in our ranges. I have seen an initiative called Palm Done Right which I'm really curious about and will aim to learn more about in the coming months but for now- palm oil is out. 

Next is SLS, a surfactant found in everything from shampoo and toothpaste to washing up liquid. For those with unproblematic skin, SLS is a completely safe and useful ingredient but for many it is just too harsh. Since this range was born to serve my eczema prone, dry hands, SLS is excluded from our products which will be beneficial to anyone struggling with similar issues. 

Our formula is based on a coconut derived surfactant and every variation has a big dose of almond oil too. The surfactant is gentle but effective and works with the almond oil to produce a dense silky lather which is cleansing and moisturising. We chose almond oil because it is so well tolerated by various skin types and doesn't leave any film or residue behind. 

All our colorants are forms of oxide, a mineral pigment which is skin safe and produces a range of natural earthy colours which we just love. These inert minerals are very unlikely to cause irritation (something which is much more likely with artificial colorants) which make them a good choice for sensitive and normal skins alike. 

Our Extra Fresh line does contain fragrance but that's a  post unto itself so Ill save that for next time! 

If you struggle with skin sensitivity, I hope this rundown was useful to you and helps you make a good choice for you from our selection. 


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