Hello! Thanks for joining us!

Hey, thanks all for being here- I am so excited to share this project with you!

Dorset Corner was born out of need, I have dry, sensitive eczema prone skin on my hands and they would routinely crack and bleed, I needed a gentle soap that was moisturising, something I could be sure wouldn't aggravate my skin and make the problem worse. 

I tried cold process soap (this is old school soap made from oil/ butters and lye) because they are made with minimal ingredients and lots of moisturising ingredients. I was sure this would be the answer but no luck! I dived deep into why and discovered cold (and hot) process soap have a high pH, simply because of the chemical reaction which turns them into soap. Despite their lovely ingredients and obvious skill on the part of the makers, these still didn't work for me. I was gutted.

I have a science degree so put that knowledge to work finding an answer. After much trial and error, I discovered a coconut derived surfactant which I could use as the basis of my soap and further customise a product to my needs by adding oils, butters and other skin loving ingredients. 

I started making soap for myself this way, gifting it to friends etc. Then life got in the way. My wonderful Grandma received a terminal Cancer diagnosis and the same week, I discovered I was pregnant with our second baby. Thoughts of soap were put to one side while we focused on our family. 

Fast forward to now, more than 2 years (and a pandemic!) later, and I am back at work and finally ready to launch my product after much encouragement from friends, family and makers and chemists I have met along the way. 

Again, thanks for being here, I really hope you try the soap and love it as much as I do. I will be posting further details over the coming days so come back again for more details.


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